Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Why Microsoft can Blow-Off with C#?

Why Microsoft can Blow-Off with C#? These people have thought up programming languages Fortran, Prologue, Ada. Each of these languages had weight of advantages, everyone had any innovative features for time. Any of them has not received a wide circulation.

But C and Unix which have "cooked" by Kernigan, Ritchie and Thompson, used already for thirty years, and will be used for 100 years more.

Here is Alan Kay and Kristen Nygaard. They have thought up the first object-oriented languages - Smalltalk and Simula. Any of these languages has not received a wide distribution as well.

Here is Brad Cox. It has tried to add means OO in C. Language Objective C has turned out. This language has not received distribution as well. Now it has only limited apply in Mac OS.

The same attempt was undertaken by other person. His name is Bjarne Stroustrup. One sight at Stroustrup's face is enough to understand, that C++ much more successful then other languages

Not the law is clear? There is a beard - there is a success. There is no beard - you are guilty.

Eifell, Scheme, Cecil, Haskell, Erlang - great languages, but no one except profs are working with them

He is Thomas Kurtz. He is the author of the BASIC. Though he does not have beard, the BASIC has received a wide circulation. And bad glory.

The "catch" is in moustaches. Perl is the one more language widespread almost as the BASIC and having almost same bad glory. It has written Larri Wall. Look what moustaches he has.

The authors of others script languages have no moustaches. Ruby and the Python is better, than Perl, but meet where less often than Perl. There is, however, a hope for Van Rossum, suddenly will grow a beard. It is not necessary to count on Mr. Matsumoto - at Japanese the beard grows badly.

The authors of Lisp and Pascal

And the last, but not the least, this woman - the founder of the most hated language in history-Cobol !

And after that someone can doubt of a failure .Net? Look at that:
Anders Hejlsberg (C#)................James Gosling (Java)


verbat said...

update: matz answered to this blog showing this:
IIUC this is his current beard. So there is a chance for ruby too :)

2:23 PM  
LOBOestepaRIO said...

Amazing! Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP) proves your statement too. Look at: ;-)

11:03 PM  
new said...

I guess, I should start growing beard now.

12:57 AM  
emra said...

and of course: GNU.

1:57 AM  
Gopi said...

First your logic is not applicable to MS !?

1. C# is not a drastic original language as in C++, c
for which beard is a must !?

2. look at java and MSJava (& J#). c++ and MSC++
Basic and VBasic &&& so on..

3. So the logic here is as long as you inherit from
a Beard (!) Language, u don't have to have Beard
'cause u have those properties already !

So C# will be a success.. !!?? and is already ?!


11:50 AM  
Dotan said...

So why are all the kids using PHP?

Actually, this raises the question of what if the language is created by people too young to grow beards (or mustaches)?

1:32 PM  
Cham said...

Geez, your English is horrendous! It's not my mother tongue either, but puh-lease, have someone look over it before you post an otherwise possibly funny theorem.

2:22 AM  
Handa said...

I am also plannin to grow a beard now.. hope tht it will improve my programming skills ;)

3:36 AM  
lush said...

cham--his english is hardly the point. and the idea of a language (spoken or computer) is to get something across. He did. broken english or not.

why be a dick?

8:09 PM  
Jason Milkins said...

I'm blowing steam out my (a) here but, maybe not giving a crap about shaving might give you that little bit of extra focus on code...

Hey, it's a theory... in which case this guy might be the best coder in the world.

9:48 AM  
Kevin Daly said...

Hmmmmmm....doesn't Alan Kay in that photo have a moustache?
That should put him in the category of authors of Academically Despised But Wildly Successful Languages, which seems the inverse of the actual case...perhaps there are unknown complicating factors that cause it to function as an anti-moustache.
I am similarly troubled by the lack of obvious facial hair on Cobol Lady, since Cobol is, while neither respected nor popular, very, very widely used even now (although it's been a long time since it was used by any significant number of people to write anything new).
I like the idea of facial hair by inheritance, although since C# derives some features from Smalltalk that's a bit of a worry.

9:31 AM  
Robert Hayes said...

In sports (especially in hockey here in Canada) most athletes don't shave during the entire semi-final and final games of a series. It's called "playoff beard". I guess the point is that you are so focused on what it is you need to do (ie: win) that you don't have time to focus on anything else: like shaving, bathing, brushing your teeth or cleaning the jam from between your toes.

Maybe these successful bearded people are permanently in playoff mode!

Personally, I find that having a beard makes sleeping difficult. But then again maybe that's a bonus: no sleep = more time to code!

11:18 AM  
Robert Hayes said...

Oh, by the way Kevin, the Bird lady does have a beard. It was just air-brushed out ;)

11:21 AM  
shaurz said...

That is Charles Moore, creator of Forth, not Fortran! I recognised him straight away (!)

Chuck despises Fortran, it's the complete polar opposite of Forth.

Also, I think "Prologue" is called "Prolog" (PROgramming LOGic), unless there is some other language with that name that I haven't head of.

Sorry for nit-picking.

I am designing a programming language (and many other projects... so unfocused) and funnily enough I have started growing a beard. If having a hairy face brings me success and not having to shave, I'm all for it! :-)

12:40 AM  
dkjariwala said...

That's very funny! :)

I used to sport beard when I was in College but after becoming a corporate 'slave' (pun intended) I have to be clean shaved. :(

Anyway, this post gives me much more ideas about my quiz series.


11:13 AM  
netdev said...

I think what this guy meant is that age (the beards) means more experience, means a better result and the opposite. & by linus he's got a good point! :)

5:51 AM  
gogowes said...


You're definately on to something here. I wonder if power of the pirate beard applies to other areas though?


5:24 AM  
A. Claridge said...

Larry Wall and Guido van Rossum:

Look who's got a beard :)

6:35 AM  
beliavsky said...

Your first sentence, "These people [Microsoft] have thought up programming languages Fortran, Prologue, Ada.", is ridiculous.

Fortran was invented by IBM in the late 1950s, long before Microsoft existed. Ada was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense in the 1970s. The Prolog programming language is not spelled "Prologue".

If you have any integrity, you will correct these blunders and do some research before spreading misinformation in the future.

5:08 AM  
oylenshpeegul said...

It looks like a bright future for Lua!

5:16 AM  
Andreas Lenz said...

It's a pity that the images have gone. :-(

3:36 AM  

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