Fitness Apps: Lose weight in lockdown? Don’t worry, these apps will help – these apps will help user loose weight read details

Fitness Apps: Lose weight in lockdown? Don’t worry, these apps will help – these apps will help user loose weight read details


  • It is important to exercise regularly to stay healthy
  • You can easily learn the latest workouts from these apps
  • These apps will keep a complete record

New Delhi. Everyone’s lifestyle has changed since the lockdown in Corona. Unable to go out, the park is closed for exercise. This has adversely affected the health of many. So, many have gained weight by living at home forever. Gym openings are still not allowed in many places. In such cases, it is better to exercise at home. If you think so, then some fitness apps will help you. See details.

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5 Minute Yoga

The 5 Minute Yoga app is a great option for you if you want to do simple workouts to stay healthy. All its sessions are not only simple but also effective. It also has a time setting feature, which allows you to complete your exercises on time. Each session takes less than five minutes.

Asana Rebel

The company that makes this app claims that if you want to lose weight, this app is the best for you. Exercise in the app helps to burn excess body fat. It also helps in weight loss and boosts immunity. This app has over 100 workout videos, which you can watch as needed.

Daily Yoga

Easy yoga is given in this app. The videos mentioned here are made by a professional yoga instructor. You can set your own time, yoga style. The special thing about this is that you can also interact with other people using the app.

7 Minutes Workout

The 7 Minutes Workout app supports Google. It has many new workouts. These apps provide a very fast workout. Which are completed in seven minutes. Its seven-minute workout is based on high-intensity circuit training, which improves your fitness. It is equipped with voice guidance sports.

Yoga Down Dog

There are many pre-recorded videos available in this app. It has 60,000 workouts, which you can customize to suit your needs. It has six yoga teachers. Also, you can select voice options in it.

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