Post Office Franchise: Make a fortune by investing only Rs 5,000 in this business

Post Office Franchise: Make a fortune by investing only Rs 5,000 in this business

Post Office Franchise

New Delhi: At present, the post office has about 1.55 lakh offices across the country. The central government has also expanded the facilities of the post from time to time to provide financial services in rural and remote areas. Therefore, in rural areas, money orders, stamps and stationery, exchange of letters, opening of bank accounts and opening of small savings accounts are done through the post office. Against this backdrop, Indian Post has now launched a franchise scheme to open offices in various places. ”

Under the Post Office Franchise Scheme, any person can start a Post Office by paying a small amount and fulfilling the rules. This can be a good business. Indian Postcodan mainly offers two types of franchises. The first of these is the outlet and the second is the postal agent. The outlet franchise handles all the work that is done in a normal post office. The only exception to this is the service of exchanging letters. However, this franchise of Post is only allowed to start in places where there is a lack of service.

How much does it cost to be a franchisee?

You have to pay a minimum of Rs. 5000 as security deposit to open a post franchise. In addition, there is no need to invest in open outlet franchises for postal services. However, postal agents require a lot of investment for fries. Because you have to buy stationery there too. Also the person opening this franchise is required to have completed 18 years of age and have an eighth pass. Also, the office where the franchise is to be opened should be at least 200 square feet. Also, a relative of the person opening the franchise should not be a postal employee.

How do you apply to open a franchise?

To open a Post franchise, you need to fill out an application at If you want to talk about income through this franchise, you are paid Rs 5 for speed post, Rs 3 to 5 for money order, 5 per cent commission on sale of postal stamps and stationery. You get a different commission for each service.

(Open Post Franchise in just 5000 rupees and earn good money)

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