protect your time with family: your child is addicted to smartphones ?, these simple tips to solve – use these tips and tricks to reduce your smartphone addiction read details

protect your time with family: your child is addicted to smartphones ?, these simple tips to solve – use these tips and tricks to reduce your smartphone addiction read details

Due to the second wave of corona virus, people who spend more time at home are literally addicted to smartphones. One study found that some people use smartphones an average of 80-150 times a day. Needless to say, it can have serious side effects if left unchecked. Smartphones also bring a lot of good things. Such as, good conversation, good work, balance in life and entertainment, etc. But, it is very important to limit the use of smartphones. Spending time in activities is also a great option. Here are some tips to help you get your life back on track. This will allow you to reduce not only your own but also children’s smartphone addiction. Learn about it in detail.

Check that there is no excess of smartphones

Both iPhone and Android offer apps to track phone usage. It shows information about how long you have been using the smartphone. It also shows which apps you’re using the most and allows you to schedule downtime. Only apps that you list will be available for use at this time. Also, other apps don’t work at that time. With the help of this you can definitely stop your addiction to Instagram, Facebook and games. This setting can be found in your smartphone’s screen time setting.

Protect your time

If you are always available for your friends and girlfriends. So, this can lead to problems. Ashat gets a little time for himself. So first of all it is necessary to protect your own time. You can put Do Not Disturb on your phone for a few hours. In such a situation, you can include some essential things like family members and office in the contact. You can turn off your smartphone at certain times of the day. Sometimes constant calls and messages make it difficult to spend time with family members.

Enjoy other things too

If you enjoy reading, playing games, watching movies, or hanging out, it’s best not to have your phone with you at that time. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Being active on a smartphone can ruin your time. When you watch a favorite TV show or play a game, keep your phone on Do Not Disturb and ignore notifications as much as possible. This way your attention will not be distracted by the notification.

Grayscale the phone


Grayscale the phone is the most important. Research has shown that people associate emotions with color. In that case, whenever there is a notification, we always check it. As such, if you turn your phone into a black and white canvas, the intensity of the urge to check notifications will decrease slightly. Furthermore, some phones also offer scheduling features. In which, you can automatically convert your phone to grayscale.

Turn off unnecessary apps notifications

Unnecessary app notifications should be turned off when you’re not talking to friends, family or colleagues. Every app wants to grab users’ attention, this is often done through notifications. There are many games that send you constant notifications to spend money. So, on the other hand social media apps send unnecessary updates. Additionally, you can permanently remove social media apps from your phone and check for updates on your laptop or desktop.

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