smartphone company: Once dominant Indian smartphone market, competition from Chinese companies forced 15 companies to wind down – 15 popular smartphone brands that are dead in india know details

smartphone company: Once dominant Indian smartphone market, competition from Chinese companies forced 15 companies to wind down – 15 popular smartphone brands that are dead in india know details

India is emerging as the largest market for smartphones in Asia. There are many smartphones available in India from domestic to foreign companies. The smartphone market has grown tremendously in the last few days. The market, once dominated by South Korean companies, is now dominated by Chinese companies. However, only a few companies have survived in this race, while many companies have rolled out of the Indian market. Many companies have not been able to survive in this competitive market. In 2014-15, smartphones of all companies, big and small, were available in the Indian market at all prices. However, after some time, these companies fell behind. Many companies like LG Electronics, Sony, HTC, BlackBerry Mobile, Spice, Panasonic and iBall have stopped selling their smartphones in the Indian market. Let’s learn more about these companies.

LG Electronics


Tech giant LG Electronics has announced that it will discontinue production of smartphones in April 2021. LG has launched a number of smart smartphones in the global market. However, the company failed to maintain its position in this segment. The company is going to sell the phones in stock even if the production of smartphones is stopped. Also, the company has said that its customers will be given service support and software updates.


LeEco had made a strong entry in the Indian smartphone market. However, the company did not have much success and finally decided to close in 2017.



Sony, which has made its mark in various segments such as TVs, headphones and speakers, has not been able to do much in the smartphone market. Sony had said in May 2019 that it had withdrawn from the Indian market after declining sales. The company had stopped selling smartphones in other markets besides India. The company withdrew in 2018 from major markets such as Central and South America, West Asia, South Asia and Oceania.


Chinese company Meizu also tried to offer cheaper smartphones like Xiaomi. Some of the company’s devices quickly gained popularity. However, it was decided to close the company as it could not set up its own.



HTC, a Taiwanese tech giant, once had a smartphone in the Indian market. However, after other companies entered the market, the company fell behind. In 2019, the company again tried to return to the Indian market, but did not succeed. HTC has been hit hard by Chinese mobile manufacturers in the Indian market. Eventually, the company stopped selling smartphones in the Indian market due to a huge drop in sales.


The smartphone brand Qiku was launched in 2014. The company also tried to offer great features at a low price. The company launched several smartphones, but without much success.

BlackBerry Mobile


As the demand for feature phones increased in the Indian market, BlackBerry had created its own niche. The popularity of BlackBerry’s QWERTY smartphones was huge all over the world including India. However, the company could not sustain itself in the competition of Android and iOS. BlackBerry finally decided to withdraw from the smartphone market in August 2020 after ending its deal with manufacturing partner TCL. The company’s BlackBerry 9720, BlackBerry Z10 was in great demand.


Videocon had launched several mobile phones in the budget segment. However, after the sale, the company finally decided to stop selling smartphones.



Spice is one of the first Indian companies to launch a smartphone in the Indian market. Spice’s smartphone is getting dual SIM, camera, big battery. Spice smartphones from an Indian company are available at very low prices. However, fierce competition forced the company to withdraw from the Indian market. The company had launched several phones including Spice F311, Spice V801, Spice XLife 511 Pro, Spice XLife 480Q, Spice XLife 403E, Spice XLife 406.


YU, a sub-brand of Micromax, had also entered the market to compete with brands like Xiaomi. However, the competition did not last long.



Japanese home appliance company Panasonic had also entered the smartphone segment. However, Panasonic has not had much success in the cheap smartphone market. Eventually the company decided to stop selling smartphones in the Indian market. Panasonic sells various useful items like smart TVs, ACs, cameras, water purifiers, microwave ovens. However, fierce competition from Chinese companies forced Panasonic to withdraw from the smartphone market.


The American smartphone brand InFocus also abruptly stopped selling after launching some handsets in India.



IBall, headquartered in Mumbai, started in 2001. The company had also jumped into the smartphone segment after starting with a smaller product. The company is selling smartphones with mice, keyboards, headphones and speakers. The company tried to sell budget smartphones targeting rural areas. However, competition from Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and other smartphone companies made it difficult for iBall to survive. As a result, the company has finally withdrawn from the smartphone market due to declining sales.


Alcatel has not been able to establish itself in the Indian market and has not been well received by Indian customers.


The iVoomi brand also tried to sell budget smartphones. However, the company did not survive the competition.

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