Water Purifier: Want to buy a water purifier?

Water Purifier: Want to buy a water purifier?

The rains have started and in such a situation, many taps are badly inspected. Contamination is also often seen in supply water. Clean looking water is also harmful to health. Many people consider buying a water purifier for such clean water. However, there are some things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier. Instead of going directly to the market and buying a water purifier, you should check how clean the water is before entering the house. Bacteria in water, TDS, pH scale etc. should be known. Also, it is important to consider which technology of RO, UV and UF water purifier you need. It also depends on where you live. So let us know what to consider before buying a water purifier.

There should be no bacteria in the water

Clean water should not contain any bacteria. It can make you sick. Often also causes abdominal pain. Not only does dirty water contain bacteria but clean water also contains bacteria. They are so clean that you have to look at them under a microscope. Water samples are sent to the lab to detect bacteria in the water. Lab information can be obtained from Water Department and Municipal Corporation. You can also get help by calling the phone numbers on itslab.in, sigmatest.org, nabl-india.org.

TDS should be low


The full name of TDS is Total Dissolved Solids. This means the amount of minerals in the water. If the TDS level in a place is less than 400 ppm, the water is considered clean. Drinking such water should be avoided if TDS is low. It contains minerals like sodium and potassium. Often, like TDS, it is more than 1000. Do not drink such water. A device like a digital thermometer comes to check the TDS in the water. The amount of TDS is displayed on the display of the device. You can also buy this device online. It costs around Rs 200.

The pH scale should be appropriate


The pH scale of the water must also be appropriate. The pH scale determines the amount of acid, active hydrogen and salts in the water. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Water is acidic if less than 7 and alkaline if it is high. According to experts, water with pH scale between 6.5 and 7.5 is suitable for drinking. The same device used to check TDS to check the pH scale of water comes. You can buy this device online for Rs.700.

ORP should be appropriate


ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. In short, water contains many ions that are harmful to the body. May contain ions of sodium, magnesium or calcium. Water with high ion content has low oxygen content. As such, the water can be harmful to the body. ORP is measured in millivolts. The ORP in water can range from -1500 mV to +1500. The lower the ORP level, the clearer the water. You can check the ORP in the water through the device available online. This device costs around Rs 3,000. All of the above will tell you if your water is drinkable.

RO, UV and UF


Water purifiers come with RO, UV and UF technologies. Each of these technologies has different advantages. If your water is high in TDS or the water is salty, use a purifier with RO technology. RO should not be taken if municipal water is coming. UV technology kills bacteria and viruses in water. It does not clean water chlorine and arsenic and other impurities. If you have municipal water in your house, install a water purifier with UV technology. Helps to completely clean water through UF technology. This kills bacteria and viruses in the water and removes them from the water. However, it does not filter out all the minerals and salts in the water.

Which water purifier to buy?

If you live in a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, you should buy a water purifier with RO, UV and UF technology. Purifiers from KENT, Blue Star, Livpure, Aquagrand, Exalta etc. will be available at a starting price of Rs 6,000. If you live in a non-metro city with low pollution, you can buy a purifier with RO technology. You can buy Aqua Fresh, Exalta, LG, Blue Star purifiers at a starting price of Rs 8,000. If you live in a hilly area, buy a purifier with UV and UF technology. Blue Star, Livpure, Hindware, HAVELLS purifiers start from Rs.

Remember these things

When buying a water purifier, always buy a large tank with a high water capacity. This will make you feel the water problem even after the power goes out. Purifier with more than 10 liter tank should be purchased. With RO water purifier, only 3 to 4 liters of water is discharged out of 10 liters of water and the rest is wasted. You can use such water for other purposes. Always buy an RO purifier that comes with a filter replacement indicator. This will allow you to change the filter from time to time and drink clean water.

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